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Surfing Boy(サーフィンボーイ)はハワイに住む元気な男の子。
サーフィンを楽しんだり、ウクレレを弾いて歌ったり・・ ハワイの自然に包まれて楽しく気ままに暮らしています。
いつも一緒のAloha Turtle(アロハタートル)は
Surfing Boyの大切なペットで大の仲良し。


Surfing Boy(サーフィンボーイ)はハワイに住む元気な男の子。サーフィンを楽しんだり、ウクレレを弾いて歌ったり・・ ハワイの自然に包まれて楽しく気ままに暮らしています。
いつも一緒のAloha Turtle(アロハタートル)は Surfing Boyの大切なペットで大の仲良し。



サーフィンボーイくん LINEスタンプ&着せかえ




Surfing Boy のプロモーションムービーができました。ぜひ、Surfing Boy と一緒に、ハワイの心地よさをお楽しみくださいね。




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Tourism here in Hawai’i is a battle for narrative… here’s what I mean 👇

For generations, the tourism industry was based off of promoting a narrative that can be compared to PIMPING.

You see, the marketing around tourism since the time of Duke Kahanamoku was geared toward this being a Paradise for Patriots.

The US already had their hands on Hawai’i and the process of cultural exploitation was a normalcy for western cultures.

Hawaii in the eyes of Uncle Sam and the American paradigm was no longer something unique, sacred, and culturally robust.

Instead, Hawaiian culture was something that was becoming dismantled and then re-fabricated with the agenda of squeezing as much out of Hawai’i as possible.

The ways of our ancient past & the thriving kingdom just 20 years previous was now nowhere to be seen, while westerners flooded Hawaii looking to experience this paradise of the pacific that now “belonged” to “white america”.


The tides are changing…

The people are rising…

The consciousness is shifting…

With the help of creators on TikTok, Instagram, and voices from across the pae ‘aina, the narrative is correcting itself by truth and aloha.

With the empowerment of organizations such as hawaiiancouncil nahha808 & hawaiihta , the resources are being provided to shift this destructive path of extractive tourism onto a path that is regenerative, sustĀINAble, & consciousness.

For the first time in a LONG time, visitors are asking the right questions…

Now we need kanaka, aloha ‘āina, and people inspired to share to STEP UP, innovate, create, and build this new industry founded on the loina Hawai’i (Hawaiian values & principles).

The dawn of a new day is here, and we as people of Hawai’i must… I repeat MUST grow, explore, and execute in ways that uplift and empower our people for future generations.

E ho’okipa ana mai me ka pono!

Our version of the visitor industry will set industry standards for future generations. E Ola!

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